The Calligraphy Range

Calligraphy books are necessary for school-going children. Pre-nursery children especially, need to be trained in drawing straight lines, slash lines, curves, circles and ellipses. Our Calligraphy Range makes an attempt in this direction by publishing a series of cursive writing books in English, Hindi as well as Punjabi, which are designed to give them regular practice so that they can become proficient in writing the letters and words.

Let's Learn to Write (A, B, 1-8)

Development of alphabet and word writing skills in children is the key to laying a strong foundation for learning a language. While there are several practice books on the subject available for children, most of them are monotonous and uninspiring and rarely serve as gateways to quicker learning. The Let's Learn to Write (A, B, 1-8) series is a series of writing books that are innovative, interesting, informative and different from the run-of-the-mill books that are generally prescribed. They are attractively illustrated with imaginative pictures and layouts. These books include words and sentences that are motivating and meaningful for a child and contribute to rapid multiplication of her/his knowledge bank.

Orient Cursive Writing (1-8)

The Orient Cursive Writing (1-8) series is an innovative attempt to get learners to learn the art of writing with strokes. This includes practice on straight-line strokes, curved strokes, slashes and circles. The emphasis is on correct direction, muscular coordination and a firm grip of the pencil. Introduction to curvilinear strokes is given for both capital and small letters of the alphabet. Transcription paragraphs cover a wide range of subjects to suit the child's interest and needs. This current series on calligraphy is extremely useful for school-going children. They are available in Hindi as Hindi Sulekh and in Punjabi as Punjabi Sulekh as well.

Navdeep ABC Colour Book

Navdeep ABC Colour Book (Capital Letters)

Navdeep ABC Colour Book (Small Letters)

Hindi Sulekh (1-5)

Hindi Sulekh (1-5) is a series of cursive writing books in Hindi that teaches learners the correct way of writing Hindi letters, words, sentences and even paragraphs, so as to enable them to write Hindi in the correct, clear and legible manner.

Navdeep Ka Kha Ga Rangeen Chitrawali Part-I & II

Navdeep Shabd Chitrawali

Navdeep Swar Chitrawali

Punjabi Sulekh (1-2)

The Punjabi Sulekh (1-2) series is the fruit of our pioneering efforts to promote, spread and cultivate interest among learners for writing correct, clear and attractive Punjabi. The books of the series follow a well researched scientific approach for improving Punjabi writing skills of children.