Understanding that 'in-service teachers training' is an important need of every institution; we at Navdeep Publications provide facilities for teacher's training through various workshops, tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the institutions such as series-orientation, information technology, time management, Mathematics, Hindi, besides others.  

Series Orientation Workshops

We are regularly producing innovative series with especially packaged support material such as teacher’s handbooks, workbooks, quiz cards, quiz games and multimedia content such as videos and CDs. To familiarize teachers with these series we conduct series orientation workshops.

Information Technology Workshops

Navdeep Publications specializes in IT books and support material. We have more than 8 series in the category covering virtually every version and software. Our IT workshops cover various aspects of computer technology such as series orientation, integrating IT with other subjects, innovative use of IT and many more.

Life Education Workshops

Life education is an innovative concept developed by us to inculcate in learners’ ethical values, personality development, the ability to form positive relations and nation-building. These workshops aim to train teachers to instill in learners the skills to manage situations of life effectively. These are supported by a complete package.

Time Management Workshops

Every one of us has only 24 hours in a day. Effective are those teachers who can manage their time efficiently. The Time management workshops train teachers to manage their time and life effectively. These have proved an effective tools for teachers of all schools.

Mathematics Workshops

The pivot of most of the professions in proficiency in mathematics. If one is adept in mathematics many of the avenues are open for learners to branch into. The mathematics workshops aim to help teachers understand how to make mathematics easy and fun to understand for learners. They further aim to help them provide the drill and practice to master the subject. 

Hindi Workshops

The Hindi workshops are very interesting for teachers. The trainers help teachers to understand how to make Hindi interesting for learners, how to integrate ICT and IT tools to teach the language more effectively. They also help teachers to integrate the subject knowledge with real life situations to help the learners effectively use the language.

If you would like us to organize any of these workshops in your institutions contact us at writing ‘Request for Workshop (Write the subject) in the subject line.


As books are often not enough to help learners understand the subject we have developed many forms of support material. Some of these are: Answers, Workbooks, Teacher’s Handbooks, Quiz Cards, Quiz Games, Videos, CDs, Online Support, besides others. Combinations of these are being packaged with our series. 


The simplest form of support available for schools is to provide answers for the exercises of the books. These help teachers to save time and effort and they are able to grade the learners’ answers effectively.


Many of the series are supported by workbooks which have been specially developed by our authors. These enable teachers to give more exercises and activities to learners without having to spend the time to develop them on their own.

Teacher’s Handbooks

Innovative and new series like life education are supported with Teacher’s Handbooks. These give clear guidelines to teachers to teach the relevant subject to learners. They are further supported with other resources as required.  

Quiz Cards and Games

To assess the comprehension of the learners in a fun and interesting manner some of the series are supported with Quiz Cards and Quiz Games. These come along with answers and makes assessment very easy for teachers.

Videos and Multimedia Content

 As video and multimedia is the most effective means of learning many of our series are supported with video, CDs and other multimedia content for both teachers and learners. These make learning and assessment fun and interesting.