Step By Step Series

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Step By Step - Passage Builder ( Navdeep Publications )

Nouns & Adjectives
Verbs-Simple Present Tense
Passage Writing-SPT
Present Continous Tense
Past Tense
Past Tense-Passage Writing
Passage Writing-Past Tense
Future Tense
Passage Writing-Future Tense

Description :

This book encourages children to link their thoughts in a logical sequence on a particular topic and put them in a passage.

Step by Step - Sentence Builder ( Navdeep Publications )

Use of A and An
Use of This and Is
Sentence Formation
Use of That
Sentence Formation
One and Many
Use of These and Are
Use of Those
One and Many
Use of Has and Have
Use of Has and Have
Action Words
Opposites and Sentence Formation

Description :
Grammar concepts are the building blocks of sentence construction. They have to be introduced and understood at the correct stage of learning to speak, read and write English. The attempt in this book is to teach the grammar concepts in an interlinked manner with sentence formation and not keep them in separate watertight components.

Step by Step - Word Builder ( Navdeep Publications )

The five vowels a,e,I,o,u-Words with the sound of "ch" and "sh"-Words with the sound of "th" and "wh"-Words with the sound of "oo"
"ee" and "ow"-Words with the sound of "er" and "ick"-Verbs/Action Words-Revision of the above concepts-Parts of the body-Colours-Frequently used words-Chain game-Pronouns

Description :
This book has been designed to develop a childs word building skills in English language. It aims to improve the vocabulary by providing activity based practice worksheets in word building. This would in turn help in enhancing reading skills.