The Ultimate in Mathematics Book - 8


1-Relational Numbers, 2-Exponents and Powers, 3-Squares and Square Roots, 4-Cubes and Cube Roots, 5-Playing with Numbers, 6-Algebraic Expressions and Identities, 7-Factorisation, 8-Linear Equations in One Variable, 9-Applications of Percentage, 10-Compound Interest, 11-Direct and Inverse Variations, 12-Quadrilaterals, 13-Construction of Quadrilaterals, 14-Mensuration-1: Area, 15-Visualizing Solid Shapes, 16-Surface Area and Volume, 7-Data Handling, Answers


The Ultimate in Mathematics is a series of 8 carefully graded textbooks that comes as a part of 'The Ultimate in Mathematics' package. It incorporates the guidelines of the NCF 2005 and meets the requirements of the NCERT Syllabus. Salient features of the series are: -The content of the series are in compliance with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme. -Based on the 'Do and Learn' methodology. -Warm Up and Review Exercises in each chapter.